5 Ready To Use Henna Cones



Product Details

Freshly made Ready To Use Henna (mehndi) Cones made with Ash Kumar's signature Henna for smoothness, precision and detail.

100% Natural

Guaranteed colour

For best results this product must be used within 28 days of purchase and should be stored in the refrigerator.  Color will deepen within 48 hrs.


  • Allow henna paste to dry for a minimum of 4 hrs
  • Apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar as a sealant
  • Gently flake off dried henna (do not wash)
No. of Cones      Estimated Coverage
      1 4 strips
      5 1 bride or 20 strips
     10 1 bride & 20 strips, or 40 strips
     20 1 bride & 60 strips, or 80 strips (ideal for bridal henna night)

NB Quantities are approximate and will vary with the size and intricacy of the design. A strip is a finger-to-wrist design.

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